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Enterprise modernization solutions optimize existing applications, infrastructure and skills with streamlined development, testing and deployment of enterprise applications for multiple platforms.

Enterprise modernization

The enterprise modernization portfolio optimizes existing enterprise applications, infrastructure and skills, — integrating these systems of record with the new systems of engagement.

Enterprise modernization portfolio
We have the formula for your success


  • Modernization Planning

    We will work with you to develop a roadmap for the modernization of your enterprise - from architecture to teams to new applications and help inform you of realistic timelines and budgets.

  • Application Design

    We can design elegant user interfaces for your new modern web & mobile applications. Each application is designed uniquely or as part of a collection of apps depending on your needs.

  • System Architecture

    We will analyze your entire code-base, business objectives and team capabilities and recommend architecture improvements based on those criteria. Your team may choose.

  • Workflow Automation

    We will analyze your business processes and enterprise workflows to look for places to introduce automation, remove manual processes, reduce headcount, reduce QA times, reduce failure rates and more.


  • Legacy Data

    We migrate legacy data into more modern systems with better error handling, failover and redundancy. During this process we may restructure and merge data from different sources so that applications can access data in new ways.

  • Working with your Teams

    We know how to integrate ourselves into your existing teams and create project plans that delineate work effectively across many teams with different strengths.

  • Writing Code

    Using our process and tools we deliver on the apps and architecture that we’ve planned.

  • Delivering Quality Software

    We implement QA and code-review processes that ensure both our teams and your existing teams deliver high-quality code that your business needs.


  • Code Reviews

    By performing code reviews we can identify strengths and weaknesses in your team to help you structure your existing teams and create process improvements that will lead to quality and efficiency improvements.

  • Process Training

    We can help you improve
    Project management / Planning
    Estimating / Feature definition
    QA processes / Team structure
    Team satisfaction / Product owner satisfaction.

  • Team Training

    We can bring experience in newer methodologies, libraries and tools to your team and help give your team answers to questions they may have about newer technologies. We frequently train in: Nodejs / High scale architecture / Hosting & automated deployments / Ruby / Python / Redis

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