Formerly Citrusbyte, we are now Theorem. Read our story.

A process that works

From whiteboarding new concepts to long-term support, we work with startups and large multi-national enterprises to develop new applications, software, services and platforms. Below is a glimpse into how we build, including our processes, our team capabilities and what we do in each phase of a project to achieve the best results and deliver Full Stack Innovation

Research & Discovery
Product Concepting
Design & Build
Launch Preparations
Maintenance & Growth

Research & Discovery

1 - 2 Week Sprints

Our goals during this phase is to define the idea, understand your business goals and the needs of your users. We may conduct stakeholder interviews, outline technical and business requirements, do a competitor analysis and run a technology audit. This groundwork is step one in the product design and development process. Once we identified the problem we’re solving and who the users are we can begin prototyping ideas and testing assumptions.

The Theorem Squad

A Squad is a flexibly resourced team working towards a unified objective. A core, dedicated team composed of two Engineers, a UX/UI designer and a Product Manager are assigned from start to finish. Multiple squads can run in parallel and additional resources are scaled up and down as needed. A cross-functional team means less downtime, better change management and higher velocity.

How we'll work together

  • Your role

    You have chosen to work with us as a team. As the product owner and ultimate decision maker you have the most important role. Your experience in product design, entrepreneurship, software design & working with engineers will be huge factors in the project velocity, cost and outcome.

  • Flexible process

    We aren't dogmatic about any specific flavor of “Agile”, but we do believe in the core concepts of; working functionality over documentation, good people and teams over rigid process, and letting teams self organize in the manner they feel is best for the success of the project.

  • No middlemen

    Processes should work for the team and not against it. We do away with anything that hinders real progress. Everyone on your team provides value to the project. Management ranges from lightweight to nonexistent because we staff you with self-managing teams.

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