Formerly Citrusbyte, we are now Theorem. Read our story.

We Built a Platform for AT&T that puts your
health into the palm of your hand.

The Challenge

The AT&T Foundry came to Theorem with the goal of creating a platform to help doctors, patients, and health care providers communicate and collaborate more effectively, and efficiently.

The primary goals were

  • Integrate and manage relationships with existing commercial health providers, allowing developers to integrate once with the mHealth API.
  • Provide a system that has the ability to easily scale-up and down as demand requires.
  • Provide HIPAA-compliant, secure storage Personal Medical Information (PMI)
  • Provide a feature-rich API to allow developers to integrate and utilize the platform

The Solution

A rich ecosystem of web and mobile applications that brings together cutting-edge capabilities in mobility, cloud and security to connect its users with health, wellness and clinical data.

  • Design

    Theorem and AT&T designed a system utilizing the latest methods and technologies. The platform design utilizes the AT&T internal cloud services platform, Silver Lining.

  • Training & process improvement

    We also develop processes and procedures to facilitate an internal handoff to the AT&T operations team, who had not previously utilized the AT&T Silver Lining Platform. This allowed AT&T to utilize internal existing resources to maintain the entirety of the new, Silver Lining based mHealth Platform.

  • Devops

    We designed and implemented a completely automated DevOps suite that includes the ability to provision any aspect of the mHealth system on-demand. This provides AT&T with the ability to deploy elasticity.

  • Implementation

    Theorem designed a suite of API’s, and utilized these API’s to integrate with existing third party vendors. This allows developers to integrate with common third party members, without any specific integration requirements.

An entire app ecosystem from scratch

Utilizing Theorem internal expertise in a variety of areas, we designed and build software clients as demonstration examples of how the AT&T mHealth Platform can be used.

AT&T mHealth Platform

It takes a community to create a platform

Theorem assisted with AT&T in this task by providing key industry talent from the Theorem team to participate at conferences and trade shows, providing talks and advice to members of the industry.

AT&T mHealth CommunityAT&T mHealth Community