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Agile Transformation

Stay responsive in a fast paced and dynamic business landscape

What does Agile Transformation mean to Theorem?

At Theorem we believe in agile transformation as a core strategy of the modern enterprise to stay responsive in a fast paced and dynamic business landscape. Today, more than ever, there is mounting external and internal pressure to constantly innovate, meet consumer demands, and outcompete legacy competitors and industry startups.

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What does the Responsive Organization look like?

  • Empowered Teams
    Empowered TeamsSmall teams of empowered individuals unlocking their full potential by making decisions at the edge.
  • Highly Responsive
    Highly ResponsiveReadily adapts to customers demands, business needs, changing employees, and does so in a fast paced and dynamic environment.
  • Self-Healing
    Self-HealingInitiatives which require corrective action to be successful are surfaced and addressed by the appropriate parties.
  • Disciplined Decision Making
    Disciplined Decision MakingLeaders at all levels believe in the decision making process and organizational tooling around managing initiatives.

Working with Theorem

Change is hard. We think of incremental change as small experiments that produce results. This enables us to be open to calculated risks and avoid looking at results as black and white.

  • Understand & Define
  • Test, Iterate and Document
  • Expand
  • Sustain & Grow

Understand & Define

  • Understand current client PMO model
  • Agile & Lean practice workshop
  • Stakeholder interviews
  • Define engagement working model

Test, Iterate and Document

  • Define and run incremental experiments
  • Review results, share progress, iterate
  • Define playbook, developmental tools, training material and delivery plan


  • Incrementally rollout changes to new groups
  • Pair, train and develop capabilities internally
  • Continue to adjust framework as necessary

Sustain & Grow

  • Organization is fully independent
  • Agile & Lean practices rolled out to key groups
  • Continue to train new team members, maintain materials

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